Subaru Forester: HD RadioTM Technology (Digital AM and FM Radio) (type D audio) - FM/AM radio operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: HD RadioTM Technology (Digital AM and FM Radio) (type D audio)

HD Radio Technology is fueling the digital

HD Radio Technology is fueling the digital radio revolution in the United States and around the world.

The digital technology enables broadcasters to offer new and unique FM content via HD2 / HD3 channels, crystal-clear sound and data services on both AM and FM bands - all free, with no subscription fee.

HD RadioTM Technology Manufactured Under License From iBiquity Digital Corp.

U.S. and Foreign Patents. HD RadioTM and the HD Radio logo are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corp.

For more information, visit www.hdradio.


Press the the button while receiving the FM radio (except analog broadcast). The next channel of the station that is being received will be received.

Seek in PTY (Program type) group (type D audio)
In the PTY selection mode, when the preferred PTY group has been selected, turning the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial seeks within that PTY group. Turning the dial clockwise seeks up. Turning the di ...

Mode selection
Turn the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial and select the HD Radio ON mode (hybrid mode) or OFF mode (analog mode). ...

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Using a Track List
You can also select a file directly from a track list on the audio display. Press the AUDIO button to show the audio display, then touch the Track List icon. The track list menu appears on ...