Subaru Forester: HD Radio indicators - HD RadioTM Technology (Digital AM and FM Radio) (type D audio) - FM/AM radio operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: HD Radio indicators

Each indicator illuminates under the following conditions.

- The the indicator illuminates while the digital broadcast is received during the HD Radio ON mode.

- The “TAG” indicator illuminates while you can operate the iTunes® tagging.

- The “LIVE” indicator illuminates while the “Ballgame” is received.

- The “STEREO” indicator illuminates while the FM stereo broadcast is received.

- The “PTY” indicator illuminates during the PTY selection mode.

    iTunes® tagging
    To tag the received song, press the button for more than 1.5 seconds. Connect the iPod® to store the tagged song to the iPod®. When the iPod® is connected to iTunes®, you can purchase the ...

    About HD Radio
    NOTE - HD Radio Technology is a hybrid broadcasting system that employs digital and analog signals. - When the vehicle moves outside the digital broadcasting area (that is narrower than the ...

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