Toyota RAV4: Positioning a floor jack - Do-it-yourself maintenance - Maintenanceand care - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Positioning a floor jack

When raising your vehicle with a floor jack, position the jack correctly. Improper placement may damage your vehicle or cause injury.

■ Front

■ Rear

■ Rear


■When raising your vehicle
Make sure to observe the following to reduce the possibility of death or serious injury.

●Lift up the vehicle using a floor jack

●Lift up the vehicle using a floor jack such as the one shown in the illustration.
●When using a floor jack, follow the instructions of the manual provided with the jack.
●Do not use the jack that was supplied with your vehicle.
●Do not put any part of your body or get underneath the vehicle supported only by the floor jack.
●Always use floor jack and/or automotive jack stands on a solid, flat, level surface.
●Do not start the engine while the vehicle is supported by the floor jack.
●Stop the vehicle on level firm ground, firmly set the parking brake and shift the shift lever in P.
●Make sure to set the floor jack properly at the jack point. Raising the vehicle with an improperly positioned floor jack will damage the vehicle and may cause the vehicle to fall off the floor jack.
●Do not raise the vehicle while someone is in the vehicle.
●When raising the vehicle, do not place any objects on top of or underneath the floor jack.

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