Hyundai Tucson: Outside rearview mirror - Features of your Hyundai - Hyundai Tucson Owner's ManualHyundai Tucson: Outside rearview mirror

Manual Type Manual Type

The outside rearview mirrors are equipped with a remote control for your convenience. It is operated by the control lever in the bottom front corner of the window. Before driving away, always check that your mirrors are positioned so you can see behind you, both to the left and right sides, as well as directly behind your vehicle. When using the mirror, always exercise caution when attempting to judge the distance of vehicles behind or along side of you.

CAUTION: If the mirror control is jammed with ice, do not attempt to break it free using the control handle or by manipulating the face of the mirror. Use an approved spray de-icer (not radiator antifreeze) to release the frozen mechanism or move the vehicle to a warm place and allow the ice to melt.

Electric Type (If installed) Electric Type (If installed)

The outside rearview mirrors can be adjusted to your preferred rear vision, both directly behind the vehicle, and to the rear of the left and right sides. The remote control outside rearview mirror switch controls the adjustments for both right and left outside mirrors.

To adjust the position of either mirror:

1. Move the selecting switch to the right or left to activate the adjustable mechanism for the corresponding door mirror. 2. Adjust mirror angle by depressing the appropriate perimeter switch as illustrated.

CAUTION: o Do not operate the switch continuously for an unnecessary length of time. o Scraping ice from the mirror face could cause permanent damage. To remove any ice, use a sponge, soft cloth or approved de-icer.

WARNING: Be careful when judging the size or distance of any object seen in the passenger side rear view mirror. It is a convex mirror with a curved surface. Any objects seen in this mirror are closer than they appear.


The outside rearview mirror heater is actuated in connection with the rear window defroster. To heat the outside rearview mirror glass, push in the switch for the rear window defroster. The rearview mirror glass will be heated for defrosting or defogging and will give you improved rear vision in inclement weather conditions. Push the switch again to turn the heater off. The outside rearview mirror heater automatically turns itself off after 15 minutes.


To fold the outside rearview mirrors, push them toward the rear. The outside rearview mirrors can be folded rearward for parking in narrow areas.

WARNING: Do not adjust or fold the outside rearview mirrors while the vehicle is moving. This could result in loss of control, and an accident which could cause serious injury or death.

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