Toyota RAV4: Opening and closing the side outlets - Using the air conditioning system and defogger - Interior features - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Opening and closing the side outlets

1 Open the vent.

1 Open the vent.
2 Close the vent.

■Using the automatic mode

Fan speed is adjusted automatically in accordance with the temperature setting and ambient conditions. In addition, the following may occur.

●Immediately after the fan may stop for a while until is pressed, the fan may stop for a while until warm or cool air is ready to flow.
●Cool air may flow to the area around the upper body when the heater is on.

■Using the system in recirculated air mode

The windows will fog up more easily if the recirculated air mode is used for an extended period.

■Switching between outside air and recirculated air modes

Recirculated air mode or outside air mode may be automatically switched to in accordance with the temperature setting and the inside temperature.

■Window defogger feature

Recirculated air mode may automatically switch to outside air mode in situations where the windows need to be defogged.

■When outside temperature approaches 32°F (0°C)

The air conditioning system may not operate even when ■When  is selected for the air is pressed.

■When outlets used is selected for the air outlets used

For your driving comfort, air flowing to the feet may be warmer than air flowing to the upper body depending on the position of the temperature setting.

■Micro dust and pollen filter

●In order to prevent the windows from fogging up when the outside air is cold, the following may occur. • Outside air mode is not switched to recirculated air mode.
• The air conditioning system operates automatically.
• The operation is canceled after 1 minute.

●In rainy weather, the windows may fog up. Press ■When the indicator light on.

■When the indicator light on Press  and turn off the air flashes

Press conditioning system before turning it on once and turn off the air conditioning system before turning it on once more. There may be a problem in the air conditioning system if the indicator light keep flashing. Turn the air conditioning system off and have it inspected by your Toyota dealer.

■Air conditioning odors

●During use, various odors from inside and outside the vehicle may enter into and accumulate in the air conditioning system. This may then cause odor to be emitted from the vents.
●To reduce potential odors from occurring:

• It is recommended that the air conditioning system be set to outside air mode prior to turning the vehicle off.
• The start timing of the blower may be delayed for a short period of time immediately after the air conditioning system is started in automatic mode.

■To prevent the windshield from fogging up
Do not use operation in extremely humid weather. The during cool air operation in extremely humid weather. The difference between the temperature of the outside air and that of the windshield can cause the outer surface of the windshield to fog up, blocking your vision.

■To prevent battery discharge
Do not leave the air conditioning system on longer than necessary when the engine is off.

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