Subaru Forester: List phones function - Bluetooth® setting - Hands-free system (if equipped) - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: List phones function

The cell phone voice tags saved in the cell phone list are spoken by using the list phones function.

1. Select the “LIST PHONES” menu. If no cell phones are registered, “EMPTY” is displayed and the mode changes to the “PHONE SETUP” mode.

2. Registered cell phones are displayed on the saved side. While displayed, if the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial is turned, the next registered cell phone is displayed.

Press the ON hook button the to close the Hands-free menu.

3. Select a cell phone by operating the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial or pressing the talk switch displayed.. Then “SELECTED” is displayed.

4. Select the following menus.

- “SELECT PHONE” to connect the selected cell phone
- “CHANGE NAME” to change the voice tag
- “DELETE” to delete the selected cell phone from the list
- “GO BACK” to go back to the “PHONE SETUP” mode

    Changing the voice tag of the cell phone
    1. Select the “CHANGE NAME” menu. If no cell phones are registered, “EMPTY” is displayed and the mode changes to the “PHONE SETUP” mode. 2. Select the cell phone by operating the ...

    Setting passkey
    1. Select the “SET PASSKEY” menu. After the currently set passkey is displayed, a new passkey can be entered. 2. Input the new passkey by operating the “TUNE/TRACK/CH” dial or saying the ...

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