GMC Terrain: Center Dome Lamps - Interior Lighting - Initial Drive Information - In Brief - GMC Terrain Owner's ManualGMC Terrain: Center Dome Lamps

There are front and rear dome lamps.

The dome lamp controls are located in the overhead console. To change the settings, press the following:

door is open.: Turns the lamp off, even when a door is open.

when a door is opened. : The lamps come on automatically when a door is opened.

lamps can also be turned on and off by pressing the buttons next to the lamps.: Turns the dome lamps on. The dome lamps can also be turned on and off by pressing the buttons next to the lamps.

    Reading Lamps
    These lamps are located on the overhead console. These lamps come on automatically when any door is opened. For manual operation, press the button next to each lamp to turn it on or off. ...

    Exterior Lighting
    The exterior lamp control is located on the turn signal/lane change lever. : Turn to operate the exterior lamps. : Turns the exterior lamps off. AUTO: Turns the exterior lamps on and off automat ...

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