Subaru Forester: Page (track/folder title) scroll - Display selection (type A, B and C audio) - CD player operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: Page (track/folder title) scroll

If you press the “TEXT” button again for at least 0.5 second, the title will be scrolled so you can see all of it.

- For type A and B audio, the display is designed to show titles for up to 24 characters.

- For type C audio, the display is designed to show titles as shown in the following items.

– When playing a CD-DA: 256 characters
– When playing an MP3/WMA/AAC: 64 characters
– When playing an iPod® : 255 characters
- If no operations are performed for 10 seconds, the screen that was displayed before pressing the “TEXT” button for more than 0.5 second will be shown.

    Display selection (type A, B and C audio)
    If you press the “TEXT” button during playback, the display will change as shown in the following sequence. For CD-DA: For MP3/WMA/AAC: For iPod®: ...

    Folder selection
    NOTE - Selecting folders in this way is possible only within a single disc. - Only MP3/WMA/AAC folders are recognized when an attempt to select the next or previous folder is made. If no ap ...

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    To Disarm The System
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