Subaru Forester: CD player operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: CD player operation

- Make sure to always insert a disc with the label side up. If a disc is inserted with the label side down, the player displays “CHECK DISC”. Refer to “When the following messages are displayed”.

- If a disc is inserted during a radio broadcast, the disc will interrupt the broadcast.

- After the last song finishes, the disc will automatically return to track 1 (the first track on the disc) and will automatically play back.

- The player is designed to be able to play music CD-Rs and music CD-RWs, but it may not be able to play certain ones.

- CDs (i.e., 8 cm/3 inch CDs) are not supported, and if inserted, they will be immediately ejected.

- CDs that can be played back are accompanied by the following restrictions.

– Maximum number of folders: 255
– Maximum number of files in a folder: 255
– Maximum number of files on a CD: 510 (type A, B and C audio)/999 (type D audio)

Display selection (type A, B and C audio)
Press the “TEXT” button while receiving the satellite radio to change the display as follows. ...

Play file
NOTE - Copyright protected MP3/WMA/AAC files will not be played by the system. The player will automatically skip to the next file (track). - WMA9 Lossless, WMA9 Professional and WMA9 voice ...

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