Toyota RAV4: Using the Bluetooth® audio/phone - Using the audio system - Interior features - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Using the Bluetooth® audio/phone

1 Bluetooth® connection condition

1 Bluetooth® connection condition
If “BT” is not displayed, the Bluetooth® audio/phone cannot be used.

2 Display
A message, name, number, etc. is displayed.

Lower-case characters and special characters cannot be displayed.

3 Displays set up menu

4 Selects items such as menu and number
Turn: Selects an item Press: Inputs the selected item

5  Displays information that is too long to be displayed at one time on the display (press and hold)

6 Selects speed dials

7 On-hook switch
Turns the hands-free system off/ends a call/refuses a call

8 Off-hook switch
Turns the hands-free system on/starts a call

■ Microphone

Using the Bluetooth® audio/phone for the first time

Bluetooth® audio/phone
■ Bluetooth® audio The Bluetooth® audio system enables you to enjoy music played on a portable digital audio player (portable player) from the vehicle speakers via wireless communication. ...

Using the Bluetooth® audio/phone for the first time
Before using the Bluetooth® audio/phone, it is necessary to register a Bluetooth® device in the system. Follow the procedure below to register (pair) a device: 1 Press and select “Bluetooth” ...

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