Volvo XC60: Summer and winter tires - Introduction - General information - Wheels and tires - Volvo XC60 Owner's ManualVolvo XC60: Summer and winter tires

The arrows shows the direction of rotation of the tire
The arrows shows the direction of rotation of the tire

• When switching between summer and winter tires, mark the tires to indicate where they were mounted on the car, e.g., LF = left front, RR = right rear.

• Tires with tread designed to roll in only one direction are marked with an arrow on the sidewall.

• Incorrectly mounted tires impair the car's braking properties and ability to force aside rain, snow and slush.

• The tires with the most tread should always be at the rear (to reduce the risk of skidding).

• Contact a Volvo workshop if you are unsure about the tread depth.

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