Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Door control panel - At a glance - Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Door control panel

  1. Opens the door
  2. Adjusts the seat electrically Unlocks/locks the vehicle
  3. Adjusts the seat electrically
  4. exterior mirrors and steering wheel Stores settings for the seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel
  5. Folds the exterior mirrors Selects the left exterior mirror
  6. in/out Folds the exterior mirrors in/out
  7. mirror Selects the right exterior mirror
  8. Opens/closes the front side Adjusts the exterior mirrors
  9. windows Opens/closes the front side windows
  10. windows Opens/closes the rear side windows
  11. override feature for the side windows in the rear compartment Activates/ deactivates the override feature for the side windows in the rear compartment
  12. Opens/closes the tailgate
    Overhead control panel
    Switches the rear interior lighting on/off Switches the automatic interior lighting control on/off Switches the righthand reading lamp on/off Opens/closes the panorama roof ...


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