Dodge Nitro: Cargo area features - Understanding the features of your vehicle - Dodge Nitro Owner's ManualDodge Nitro: Cargo area features

Cargo Light

The cargo area light is activated by opening the liftgate, opening any door, or by rotating the dimmer control on the multifunction lever to the extreme top position.

Cargo Tie-Down Hooks

The tie-downs located on the cargo area floor should be used to safely secure loads when the vehicle is moving.

Cargo Tie-Downs Cargo Tie-Downs

WARNING: Cargo tie-down hooks are not safe anchors for a child seat tether strap. In a sudden stop or collision a hook could pull loose and allow the child seat to come loose. A child could be badly injured. Use only the anchors provided for child seat tethers.

WARNING: The weight and position of cargo and passengers can change the vehicle center of gravity and vehicle handling. To avoid loss of control resulting in personal injury, follow these guidelines for loading your vehicle:
• Do not carry loads which exceed the load limits described on the label attached to the left door or left door center pillar.
• Always place cargo evenly on the cargo floor. Put heavier objects as low and as far forward as possible.
• Place as much cargo as possible in front of the rear axle. Too much weight or improperly placed weight over or behind the rear axle can cause the vehicle to sway.
• Do not pile luggage or cargo higher than the top of the seatback. This could impair visibility or become a dangerous projectile in a sudden stop or collision.
• To help protect against personal injury, passengers should not be seated in the rear cargo area. The rear cargo space is intended for load carrying purposes only, not for passengers, who should sit in seats and use seat belts.

Cargo Load Floor

The panel in the load floor is reversible for added utility. One side features a plastic lined tray which can hold a variety of items. The maximum load capacity of the load floor is 400 lbs (181 kg). The cargo load floor is held by spring loaded latches. In order to use the cargo load floor, use the following procedure: 1. Push both side mounted release handles (toward the center of the vehicle) at the same time to release cover.

Floor Panel Floor Panel

2. Lift the cover. 3. Flip the cover over, and lock panel back into position.

Load Floor Load Floor

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