Subaru Forester: Maintenance precautions - Maintenance and service - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: Maintenance precautions

When maintenance and service are required, it is recommended that all work be done by an authorized SUBARU dealer.

If you perform maintenance and service by yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the information provided in this section on general maintenance and service for your SUBARU.

Incorrect or incomplete service could cause improper or unsafe vehicle operation.

Any problems caused by improper maintenance and service performed by you are not eligible for warranty coverage.

- Testing of an All-Wheel Drive

- Testing of an All-Wheel Drive vehicle must NEVER be performed on a single two-wheel dynamometer or similar apparatus.

Attempting to do so will result in transmission damage and in uncontrolled vehicle movement and may cause an accident or injuries to persons nearby.

- Always select a safe area when performing maintenance on your vehicle.

- Always be very careful to avoid injury when working on the vehicle.

Remember that some of the materials in the vehicle may be hazardous if improperly used or handled, for example, battery acid.

- Your vehicle should only be serviced by persons fully competent to do so. Serious personal injury may result to persons not experienced in servicing vehicles.

- Always use the proper tools and make certain that they are well maintained.

- Never get under the vehicle supported only by a jack. Always use safety stands to support the vehicle.

- Never keep the engine running in a poorly ventilated area, such as a garage or other closed areas.

- Do not smoke or allow open flames around the fuel or battery.

This will cause a fire.

- Because the fuel system is under pressure, replacement of the fuel filter should be performed only by your SUBARU dealer.

- Wear adequate eye protection to guard against getting oil or fluids in your eyes. If something does get in your eyes, thoroughly wash them out with clean water.

- Do not tamper with the wiring of the SRS airbag system or seatbelt pretensioner system, or attempt to take its connectors apart, as that may activate the system or it can render it inoperative.

NEVER use a circuit tester for this wiring. If your SRS airbag or seatbelt pretensioner needs service, consult your nearest SUBARU dealer.

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