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Each time you briefly press the “RPT”

Each time you briefly press the “RPT” button, the mode changes in the following sequence.

Type C audio:

Type D audio:

Type D audio:


- The “ALL RPT” indication refers to the repeat playback of all indexes in the entire iPod®.

- The “SONG RPT” (type C audio)/ “ONE RPT” (type D audio) indication refers to the repeat playback of a single index. It repeats the index that is playing.

- When an audiobook is playing, the mode does not change even if you press the “RPT” button.

    When connecting USB storage device
    Repeating is operated in the same way a CD is played. For details, refer to “Repeating”. ...

    Random playback
    To playback a track/index/file(s) at random, press the “RDM” button for 0.5 second or longer (type C audio)/briefly (type D audio) while the track/index/file is playing. Each time you p ...

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