Toyota RAV4: Using the “SET UP” menu (“Bluetooth” menu) - Using the audio system - Interior features - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Using the “SET UP” menu (“Bluetooth” menu)

Registering a Bluetooth® device in the system allows the system to function. The following functions can be used for registered devices:

■ Functions and operation procedures

1 Press using . and select “Bluetooth” using 2 Press  and select one of the.

2 Press following functions and select one of the following functions using ● Registering a Bluetooth® device.

● Registering a Bluetooth® device
“BT Pairing”

● Listing the registered cellular phones
“List Phone”

● Listing the registered portable players
“List Audio”

● Changing the passkey

● Setting automatic connection of the device on or off
“BT Power”

● Displaying the device status
“Bluetooth info”

● Setting the automatic connection confirmation display to on or
“Display Setting”

● Initialization

Adjusting the ringtone volume when receiving a call
Change the ringtone volume using . To decrease the volume: Turn counterclockwise. To increase the volume: Turn clockwise. ■When talking on the phone ●Do not talk simultaneousl ...

Registering a portable player
Select “BT Pairing” using , and perform the procedure for registering a portable player. ...

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