Subaru Forester: Type A, B and C audio - Displaying radio PS (Program Service Name) and RT (Radio Text) - FM/AM radio operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: Type A, B and C audio

If the PS (Program Service Name) and/or RT (Radio Text) are available, pressing the “TEXT” button changes the display among PS, RT and frequency. The default setting is “PS”.

- The maximum number of characters that can be displayed for PS is 8.

- The maximum number of characters that can be displayed for RT is 64.

- If RT is 13 characters or longer, press and hold the “TEXT” button for 0.5 second or longer in order to change the page.

    Type D audio
    Push the “TEXT” button to show the next page when the text is not fully displayed while the PSD (Program Service Data) or RT (Radio Text) service is received. NOTE - When the HD Radio fun ...

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