Toyota RAV4: Selecting a play mode - Operating an iPod - Using the audio system - Interior features - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Selecting a play mode

1 Press menu mode. (MENU) to select iPod menu mode.

2 Turning play mode in the following clockwise changes the play mode in the following order:

“Playlists”→“Artists”→“Albums”→“Songs”→“Podcasts”→“Genres” →“Composers”→“Audiobooks”

3 Press play mode. to select the desired play mode.

■ Play mode list

■ Selecting a list

■ Selecting a list

1 Turn selection list. to display the first selection list.

2 Press  desired item. to select the desired item.

3 Pressing the knob changes to the second selection list. Repeat the same procedure to select the desired item. To return to the previous selection list, press Selecting songs (BACK).

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    Turn or press “∧” or “∨” on to select the desired song. ...

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