Subaru Forester: Seek tuning (SEEK) - Tuning - FM/AM radio operation - Audio - Subaru Forester Owner's ManualSubaru Forester: Seek tuning (SEEK)

Type A and B audio:

Type C audio:

Type C audio:

Type D audio:

Type D audio:

If you press the “” or “”

If you press the “button briefly,” or “button briefly,” button briefly, the radio will automatically search for a receivable station and stop at the first one it finds. This function may not be available, however, when radio signals are weak. In such a situation, perform manual tuning to select the desired station.

    Stereo indicator
    The stereo indicator “ST” (type A, B and C audio)/“STEREO” (type D audio) will illuminate when an FM stereo broadcast is received. ...

    Scan tuning (SCAN)
    If you press the “SCAN” button briefly (type A, B and C audio)/continuously (type D audio), the radio will switch to the scan mode. In this mode, the radio scans through the radio band u ...

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