Toyota RAV4: Operating an iPod - Using the audio system - Interior features - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Operating an iPod

Connecting an iPod enables you to enjoy music from the vehicle speakers.

■ Connecting an iPod

Open the cover and connect

Open the cover and connect an iPod using an iPod cable. Turn on the power of the iPod if it is not turned on.

Press .

Press ■ Control panel.

■ Control panel

Selecting a play mode

Switching the display
Press . Track title, Artist name and Album title (MP3 only) are shown on the display. To return to the previous display, press or (BACK). ■Error messages “CD CHECK”: This indicates a ...

Selecting a play mode
1 Press (MENU) to select iPod menu mode. 2 Turning clockwise changes the play mode in the following order: “Playlists”→“Artists”→“Albums”→“Songs”→“Po ...

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