Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Opening - Opening/closing automatically from outside - Cargo compartment - Opening/closing - Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Opening

You can open the tailgate automatically using the SmartKey or the handle in the tailgate.

Open or close the tailgate fully using the automatic function if you have stopped the tailgate in an intermediate position.

  • Press and hold the on the SmartKey until the tailgate opens. button on the SmartKey until the tailgate opens.


  • When the tailgate is unlocked, pull the handle and let it go again immediately.

You can also close the tailgate manually if it is fully opened.

closing the tailgate manually. If you have opened the tailgate automatically, you should wait a moment before closing the tailgate manually.

    Important safety notes
    WARNING Make sure the tailgate is closed when the engine is running and while driving. Among other dangers, deadly carbon monoxide (CO) gases may enter vehicle interior resulting in unconsci ...

    WARNING Monitor the closing procedure carefully to make sure no one is in danger of being injured. To prevent possible personal injury, always keep hands and fingers away from the cargo comp ...

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