Nissan Rogue: Odometer/twin trip odometer - Meters and gauges - Instruments and controls - Nissan Rogue Owner's ManualNissan Rogue: Odometer/twin trip odometer

The odometer and twin trip odometer are

The odometer and twin trip odometer are displayed on the vehicle information display when the ignition switch is in the ON position.


The odometer A records the total distance the vehicle has been driven.

Twin trip odometer

The twin trip odometer B records the distance of 2 individual trips (TRIP A and TRIP B).

Changing the display:

Briefly push the display as follows. switch C to change the display as follows.

TRIP A TRIP A TRIP B Resetting the trip odometer: TRIP A

Resetting the trip odometer:

Push and hold the 1 second to reset the selected trip (TRIP A or switch for approximately 1 second to reset the selected trip (TRIP A or TRIP B).

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