Volvo XC60: Location of the keyless drive antennas - Keyless drive - Locks and alarm - Volvo XC60 Owner's ManualVolvo XC60: Location of the keyless drive antennas

Location of the keyless drive antennas
Location of the keyless drive antennas

The keyless drive system has a number of antennas located at various points in the vehicle.

1 On the tailgate, near the wiper motor
2 Left rear door handle
3 Ceiling, above the center of the rear seat
4 Under the floor of the cargo area, near the rear seat
5 Right rear door handle
6 Under the rear section of the center console
7 Under the front section of the center console.

People with implanted pacemakers should not allow the pacemaker to come closer than 9 inches (22 cm) to any of the keyless drive system's antennas. This is to help prevent interference between the pacemaker and the keyless drive system.

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