Toyota RAV4: Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles without smart key system) - Driving procedures - When driving - Toyota RAV4 Owner's ManualToyota RAV4: Engine (ignition) switch (vehicles without smart key system)

■ Starting the engine

1 Check that the parking brake is set.
2 Check that the shift lever is set in P.
3 Sit in the driver’s seat and firmly depress the brake pedal.
4 Turn the engine switch to the “START” position to start the engine.

■ Engine (ignition) switch

1 “LOCK”

1 “LOCK”
The steering wheel is locked and the key can be removed. (The key can be removed only when the shift lever is in P.)

2 “ACC”
Some electrical components such as the audio system can be used.

3 “ON”
All electrical components can be used.

For starting the engine.

■Turning the key from “ACC” to “LOCK”

1 Shift the shift lever to P.

1 Shift the shift lever to P.
2 Push in the key and turn to the “LOCK” position.

■Steering lock release

When starting the engine, the engine

When starting the engine, the engine switch may seem stuck in the “LOCK” position. To free it, turn the key while turning the steering wheel slightly in either direction.

■If the engine does not start

The engine immobilizer system may not have been deactivated.

■Key reminder function

A buzzer sounds if the driver’s door is opened, while the engine switch is in the “LOCK” or “ACC” position to remind you to remove the key.

■When starting the engine
Always start the engine while sitting in the driver's seat. Do not press the accelerator while starting the engine under any circumstances. Doing so may cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury.

■Caution when driving
Do not turn the engine switch to the “LOCK” position while driving. If, in an emergency, you must turn the engine off while the vehicle is moving, turn the key only to the “ACC” position.

■To prevent battery discharge
Do not leave the key in the “ACC” or “ON” position for a long period if the engine is not running.

■When starting the engine
●Do not crank for more than 30 seconds at a time. This may overheat the starter and wiring systems.
●Do not race a cold engine.
●If the engine becomes difficult to start or stalls frequently, have the engine checked immediately.

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