Suzuki Grand Vitara: Daily Inspection Checklist - Operating Your Vehicle - Suzuki Grand Vitara Owner's ManualSuzuki Grand Vitara: Daily Inspection Checklist

Before Driving

1) Make sure that windows, mirrors, lights and reflectors are clean and unobstructed. 2) Visually check the tires for the following points: – the depth of the tread groove. – abnormal wear, cracks and damage. – loose wheel nuts. – existence of foreign material such as nails, stones, etc. Refer to “Tires” in “INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE” section for details. 3) Look for fluid, oil leaks.

NOTE: It is normal for water to drip from the air conditioning system after use.

4) Make sure the hood is fully closed and latched. 5) Check the headlights, turn signal lights, brake lights and horn for proper operation. 6) Lock all doors. 7) Adjust the seat and adjustable head restraints (if equipped). 8) Check the brake pedal and the parking brake lever. 9) Adjust the mirrors. 10)Make sure that you and all passengers have properly fastened your seat belts. 11)Make sure that all warning lights come on as the key is turned to the “ON” or “START” position. 12)Check all gauges. 13)Make sure that the BRAKE SYSTEM WARNING light turns off when the parking brake is released.

Once a week, or each time you fill your fuel tank, perform the following under-hood checks: 1) Engine oil level. 2) Coolant level. 3) Brake fluid level. 4) Power steering (if equipped) fluid level. 5) Windshield washer fluid level. 6) Hood latch operation.

Pull the hood release handle inside the vehicle. Make sure that you cannot open the hood all the way without releasing the secondary latch. Be sure to close the hood securely after checking for proper latch operation. See the item “All Latches, Hinges and Locks” of “CHASSIS AND BODY” in the “Periodic Maintenance Schedule” in the “INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE” section for lubrication schedule.

fully closed and latched before driving. If it is not, it can fly up unexpectedly WARNING: Make sure the hood is fully closed and latched before driving. If it is not, it can fly up unexpectedly during driving, obstructing your view and resulting in an accident.

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