Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Control panel for dual-zone automatic climate control - Overview of climate control systems - Climate control - Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class Owner's ManualMercedes-Benz GLK-Class: Control panel for dual-zone automatic climate control

  1. To set the temperature, left ()
  2. To set climate control to automatic ()
  3. To switch climate control on/off ()
  4. To switch the MONO function on/off14()
  5. To switch maximum cooling MAX COOL on/off15()
  6. To activate/deactivate cooling with air dehumidification ()
  7. To defrost the windshield ()
  8. To activate/deactivate air-recirculation mode ()
  9. To set the temperature, right ()
  10. To switch the rear window defroster on/off ()
  11. To increase the airflow ()
  12. To reduce the airflow ()
  13. Display
  14. To set the air distribution ()

Control panel for 3-zone automatic climate control

Front control panel

Front control panel

  1. : Sets the temperature, left ()
  2. ; Sets climate control to automatic mode ()
  3. = Switches climate control on/off ()
  4. ? Activates/deactivates the MONO function ()
  5. A Activates/deactivates cooling with air dehumidification ()
  6. B Activates/deactivates the residual heat function ()
  7. C Defrosts the windshield ()
  8. D Sets the temperature, right ()
  9. E Switches the rear window defroster on/off ()
  10. F Sets the air distribution, right ()
  11. G Increases the airflow ()
  12. H Reduces the airflow ()
  13. I Display
  14. J Sets the air distribution, left ()
  15. K Activates/deactivates air-recirculation mode ()

Rear control panel

  1. L Increases the temperature ()
  2. M Display
  3. N Increases the airflow ()
  4. O Reduces the airflow ()
  5. P Reduces the temperature ()
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