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Do not operate an iPod® while

Do not operate an iPod® while driving; it may distract your attention from driving and can lead to an accident.

- If the data stored in an iPod® is

- If the data stored in an iPod® is deleted while it is connected to the in-vehicle system, the data cannot be recovered.

- Do not store an iPod® in the vehicle. If an iPod® is left in the vehicle for a long period of time, it may be deformed, discolored or damaged by high temperature.

- Even if a USB storage device or iPod® is connected, it cannot be played unless the
pressed. button is pressed.

- A movie cannot be played while an iPod® is connected.

- While an iPod® is connected, the iPod® cannot be operated using the click wheel on the iPod® (except some models).

- When using an iPod® by connecting it to in-vehicle equipment, the order of the list items displayed on the invehicle equipment may be different from that on the iPod®. However, this does not indicate a malfunction.

- An iPod® battery that is connected to in-vehicle equipment will be charged when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “Acc” position. However, activation of the iPod® may be delayed if the battery charge of the iPod® is low.

- If an iPod® does not activate after operation, disconnect the connection cable from the iPod® and reset it. For the resetting procedure, see the User’s Guide that comes with the iPod®.

- If an iPod® and the connection cable are connected improperly, the iPod® cannot be powered on or will not be recognized by in-vehicle equipment. In this case, disconnect the connection cable from the iPod®, and then connect it again.

The USB connector is located in the

The USB connector is located in the center console. Use the connector to connect a USB storage device/iPod®.

    Connectable iPod® models Type C audio:
    Type D audio: Do not connect an iPod® other than the previously stated models. Doing so may result in a malfunction or, depending on conditions, cause a fire. NOTE - iPod® is a r ...

    How to play back
    1. Connect a USB storage device/iPod®. 2. Press the button. Each time you briefly press the button, the mode changes in the following sequence. Type C audio: *: Only when a Media Hub is co ...

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