Nissan Rogue: Choosing a language - Getting started - Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System (if so equipped) - Center display, heater, air conditioner, audio, phone 
and voice recognition systems - Nissan Rogue Owner's ManualNissan Rogue: Choosing a language

You can interact with the Bluetooth® Hands- Free Phone System using English, Spanish or French.

To change the language, perform the following.

1. Push and hold the more than button for more than 5 seconds.

2. The system announces: “Push the PHONE SEND (phone system to enter the speaker adaptation ) button for the hands-free phone system to enter the speaker adaptation mode or push the PHONE END (button to select a different language.” ) button to select a different language.” 3. Push the For information on speaker adaptation, see button.

For information on speaker adaptation, see “Speaker Adaptation (SA) mode” later in this section.

4. The system announces the current language and gives you the option to change the language to Spanish (in Spanish) or French (in French). Use the following chart to select the language.

You must push the
the button or the change button within 5 seconds to change the language.

5. If you decide not to change the language, do

5. If you decide not to change the language, do not push either button. After 5 seconds, the VR session will end, and the language will not be changed.

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