Volvo XC60: 12-volt sockets - Passenger compartment convenience - Comfort and driving pleasure - Volvo XC60 Owner's ManualVolvo XC60: 12-volt sockets

12-volt socket in the front tunnel console
12-volt socket in the front tunnel console

12-volt socket in the rear center console
12-volt socket in the rear center console

The electrical sockets can be used for 12-volt accessories such as cell phone chargers and coolers. For the socket to supply current, the ignition must be in at least mode I, see page 82.

The maximum current consumption is 10A (120W) if only one of the 12-volt sockets in the passenger compartment is in use. If both the front and rear sockets are used at the same time, the maximum current consumption per socket is 7.5A (90W).

The auxiliary sockets can also be used to power a cigarette lighter. Accessory cigarette lighters and ashtrays can be purchased from your Volvo retailer.

Always keep the sockets covered when not in use.

12-volt socket in the cargo area
12-volt socket in the cargo area

Fold down the cover to access the electrical socket.

The 12-volt socket in the cargo area provides electrical current even when the ignition is switched off. Using the socket while the engine is not running will drain the battery.

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